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Nordmax offers an original matching quality battery for all passenger car makes and models, including cars with Start-Stop systems. Our wide range of batteries includes all battery types: AGM, EFB, SMF batteries and speciality batteries.

AGM batteries are the pinnacle of starter battery technology. They are specifically designed for vehicles with a Start-Stop system. The AGM series offers as many as four times more start cycles than a conventional starter battery.

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries are ideal for vehicles with a Start-Stop system, but do not require deep discharge durability. The active plate material in these batteries is protected by a polyester separator, which ensures good starting capacity and high durability.

SMF batteries include a selection of maintenance-free batteries, which are reliable and suitable as a replacement for OEM batteries. These batteries have a longer service life and deliver as much as a 30% higher starting current than conventional lead-acid batteries. 

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