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In addition to high-performance batteries, we also offer “easy-to-use” battery chargers, tailor-made battery packs and refrigerators for off-grid use.

Our series of “no button smart battery chargers” ensure that your battery is always ready when you need it – reliably and safely, no need to be an expert, plug & play. Nordmax also has an extensive range of off-grid refrigerators, which can be used with, for example, Nordmax’s high-performance solar panels and accessories.


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Nordmax™ is a Nordic brand specialising in battery technology products, offering a full range of high-performance, reliable batteries for nearly every application imaginable. Our product range also includes other high-performance products, such as battery chargers and solar power products. Nordmax™ batteries meet the customer’s need for high-performance batteries, which perform reliably in the Nordics ever-changing and demanding conditions.

The Nordmax™ battery range has been designed by Finnish and Swedish experts with a great deal of care and attention to detail, and our products are manufactured by the top manufacturers in the industry. The continuous development of our product range allows us to provide our customers with the very best battery technology, now and in the future which match perfectly market trends and needs.

By choosing a Nordmax product, you’ll enjoy carefree winter mornings, safe boat trips and off-grid power with our ecologically comprehensive solar power solutions.

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